Your loved ones are important to you, and they are important to us. For our customers who have medical or other special needs, even the simplest trip can be a great burden. Our staff of skilled professionals takes special pride in offering extra attention to those who need it most.

We at SCS Transportation providing non-emergency transportation to a hospital or doctor’s appointment for less cost than an ambulance or other emergency car. Over the years, we at SCS Transportation have transported the young, the elderly, the physically and developmentally disabled and helped them on time in Stamford. We offer exemplary variety of non-emergency medical transportation services in Stamford including non emergency wheelchair transportation, Medicare medical transportation, healthcare transportation, wheelchair van transportation service and much more. Our business was created to provide specialized transportation services, whether you are in a wheelchair or need a safe ride to a medical appointment or work we have what you need. The principles of our transportation business have remained steadfast through the years. Whatever your need is, we offer non-emergency medical transportation for Doctor’s Visits, Rehabilitation Therapy, Chemotherapy, Dialysis, Dental Appointments, Hospital Admissions/Discharge, Physical Therapy, Outpatient Services, Specialty Medical Services and much more.

Our medical transportation business in Stanford is the best in the industry. We offer exceptional non-emergency medical transportation service to our clients and treat each one of our customers with the respect and dignity that they deserve. We take all the efforts in providing safe and reliable transportation services that is specifically tailored to each of our clients.